Stop The Clocks



Since she reached the age of 80, Dame Joan Bakewell has been working harder than ever - campaigning, writing and sitting in the Lords. Now the former journalist takes a moment to reflect on the passage of time, and the changes she has witnessed in her lifetime. Her theme is 'thoughts on what I leave behind'.

Stop the Clocks is a book of musings, a look back at what Joan Bakewell was given by her family, at the times in which she grew up - ranging from the minutiae of life, such as the knowledge of how to darn and how to make a bed properly with hospital corners, to the bigger lessons of politics, of lovers, of betrayal.

At times joyful, at times pensive, she contemplates the past without regret, and looks to the future without fear, but with firm resolve. Once the 'thinking man's crumpet', Joan remains outspoken and outrageous.

Producer: David Roper

Author/Reader: Joan Bakewell

Abridgers: David Roper and Joan Bakewell

A Heavy Entertainment production for BBC Radio 4.