Stitch In Time, A

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19991231John Drinkwater goes behind the fabric of reality to investigate the nature of time itself.
199A01Tapestry19990214`Tapestry'.|In the first of a six-part series, textile designer Kaffe Fassett travels to Scotland to find out more about tapestry weaving and the strong tradition of excellence that has grown up in and around Edinburgh
199A02Rug Making19990221`Rug Making'.|In the second of a six-part series, Kaffe Fassett travels to the north east of England to look for mat makers.|He talks to a contemporary designer, a group of enthusiasts and a collector about their work and discovers more about the social history of rug making in this area.
199A03Spinning19990228`Spinning'.|Kaffe Fassett travels to Yorkshire to learn more about hand spinning.
199A04Lacemaking19990307`Lacemaking'.|Kaffe Fassett travels to Honiton and Beer in Devon to find out more about the long heritage of lacemaking in the region.
199A05Quiltmaking19990314`Quiltmaking'.|Kaffe Fassett travels to Wales and the north-east to find out more about the strong British traditions of quiltmaking in these areas.
199A06Knitting19990321`Knitting'.|Kaffe Fassett travels to Shetland to talk to some of the islanders about their long tradition of making fine knitwear.