Stars In Their Eyes


Programme Catalogue - Details: 27 January 199619960127

Producer: F A

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A radio musical by John LOVAT and Tim RILEY, produced by Foz ALLAN.

In Jimmy Dollar's club, up the valley, Brian's 50th birthday celebrations take a turn for the worse.

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drama programmes (genre)

music programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

27 Jan 1996 14:30-15:45 (RADIO 4)

22 Jun 1996 14:30-15:45 (RADIO 4)


Sion Probert (Actor)

Di Botcher (Actor)

Brian Hibbard (Actor)

Rhodri Hugh (Actor)

Basienka Blake (Actor)

Giles Taylor (Actor)

Aimee Thomas (Actor)

Tim Riley (Author)

John Lovat (Author)

Henry Johnson (musician (mus)) (mus)

Jonathan Thomas (musician (mus)) (mus)

Simon Kingman (mus)

Foz Allan (Producer)

Recorded on 1995-11-22.


From our earliest moments, mankind has looked up to the stars.

Objects of mystery and wonder, as civilizations developed, we began to use the stars to reflect our own mortal desires and aspirations.

In the first of two programmes, Rajesh Mirchandani investigates how ancient Sumerians and Egyptians constructed cosmologies that were both practical and religious.

Whatever judgments we make about these systems, we shouldn't forget that, like our ancient forbears, our view of the cosmos is also conditioned by our prevailing world view.

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Rajesh Mirchandani investigates how ancient India developed a cosmology that grew from initial wonder into a systematic and scientific discipline.