The Starlings



Spike Milligan's comment on efforts to rid Trafalgar Square of starlings was first broadcast in August 1954.

Starring Andrew Timothy, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900104]

Unknown: Spike Milligan

Producer: Peter Eton

Overcoat' Charlie, a beard refiner: Andrew Timothy

The Rt Hon Bladdock: Peter Sellers

Major Denis Bloodnok: Peter Sellers

Miss Throat: Spike Milligan

Mr Henry Crun: Peter Sellers

Miss Bannister: Spike Milligan

Sgt Spinewracker: Harry Secombe

Field-Marshal Scotball: Peter Sellers

Scrongleshot Bowser: Harry Secombe

Jim 'Tigernuts' Bluebottle: Peter Sellers

Fred: A Horse

Programme Catalogue - Details: 25 December 198919900104

First broadcast on 1989-12-25

Producer: R.


Next in series: 09 April 1998


A comment on the recent efforts to rid Trafalgar Square of starlings.

Written by Spike Milligan who also stars with 'Goon Show' cohorts Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe.

Original producer was Peter ETON.

'Overcoat' Charlie....Andrew TIMOTHY Rt.

Hon Spurgeonbuckle Bladdock/Major Dennis Bloodnok/Henry Crun/Field-Marshal Scotball/Jim "Tigernuts" Bluebottle....Peter Sellers Miss Throat/Miss Bannister....Spike Milligan Sgt.

Spinewracker/Scrongleshot Bowser....Harry Secombe

Subject Categories

trafalgar square (westminster)

comedy programmes (genre)


Broadcast history

04 Jan 1990 23:30-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Spike Milligan (Actor)

Harry Secombe (Actor)

Peter Sellers (Actor)

Andrew Timothy (Actor)

Richard Edis (Producer)

Peter Eton (Producer)

Recorded on 1989-11-29.