Starlings, The

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1954080019980409Spike Milligan's comment on efforts to rid Trafalgar Square of starlings was first broadcast in August 1954.|Starring Andrew Timothy, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan
Genome: [r4 Bd=19900104] Unknown: Spike Milligan|Producer: Peter Eton|Overcoat' Charlie, a beard refiner: Andrew Timothy|The Rt Hon Bladdock: Peter Sellers|Major Denis Bloodnok: Peter Sellers|Miss Throat: Spike Milligan|Mr Henry Crun: Peter Sellers|Miss Bannister: Spike Milligan|Sgt Spinewracker: Harry Secombe|Field-Marshal Scotball: Peter Sellers|Scrongleshot Bowser: Harry Secombe|Jim 'Tigernuts' Bluebottle: Peter Sellers|Fred: A Horse
Programme Catalogue - Details: 25 December 198919900104First broadcast on 1989-12-25|Producer: R.|EDIS|Next in series: 09 April 1998|Description|A comment on the recent efforts to rid Trafalgar Square of starlings.|Written by Spike Milligan who also stars with 'Goon Show' cohorts Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe.|Original producer was Peter ETON.|'Overcoat' Charlie....Andrew TIMOTHY Rt.|Hon Spurgeonbuckle Bladdock/Major Dennis Bloodnok/Henry Crun/Field-Marshal Scotball/Jim "Tigernuts" Bluebottle....Peter Sellers Miss Throat/Miss Bannister....Spike Milligan Sgt.|Spinewracker/Scrongleshot Bowser....Harry Secombe|Subject Categories|trafalgar square (westminster)|comedy programmes (genre)|starlings|Broadcast history|04 Jan 1990 23:30-00:00 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Spike Milligan (Actor)|Harry Secombe (Actor)|Peter Sellers (Actor)|Andrew Timothy (Actor)|Richard Edis (Producer)|Peter Eton (Producer)|Recorded on 1989-11-29.