Stargazing - Memoirs Of A Young Lighthouse Keeper

By Peter Hill.

Reader David Tennant Abridged by Laurence Wareing.

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0120040126By Peter Hill.|Reader David Tennant Abridged by Laurence Wareing.In 1973, a nineteen year old art school student with a head full of Kerouac, Hendrix and Vietnam discovers a new vocation.
0220040127The rookie lighthouse keeper learns the ropes at his first light, Pladda.
0320040128The lighthouse keeper settles in and a new and difficult crew arrives.
0420040129A new lighthouse offers the challenges of rat infestation, unpredictable weather and the fog horn.
05 LAST20040130The young lighthouse keeper is posted to the remote Hyskeir in the Hebrides, where he faces a Dr Who fanatic, and an invasion of birds.