Genome: [r4 Bd=19921207]

by Roger Stennett.

On 15 December 1945, the aircraft carrying

Glenn Miller to Paris disappeared and a unique period in musical history came to an abrupt end. Since the Normandy Invasion,

Miller's American Band of the AEF had travelled the length and breadth of the country, playing at airbases, hospitals and on the radio.

Music played by Alan Ellis , Donovan Carpenter and Hank Starrs

Producer Adrian Bean. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19921207]

Unknown: Roger Stennett.

Unknown: Glenn Miller

Played By: Alan Ellis

Played By: Donovan Carpenter

Played By: Hank Starrs

Producer: Adrian Bean.

Major Glenn Miller: Ed Bishop

Lieutenant Don Haynes: William Roberts

Staff Sgt Elmer Perry: Kerry Shale

Lieutenant Bob Duke Freeman: Stephen Hoye

Lt Col Norman Baesselt: David Healy

Helen Miller: Shelley Thompson

TI Sgt Ray McKinley: Christopher Ryan

Sgt Paul Dudley: Matthew Morgan

Sgt Johnny Desmond: Adam Henderson

Staff Sgt Herman Trigger Alpert: Neil Roberts

Staff Sgt Mel PoweU: Jonathan Tafler

Maurice Goreham: Peter Penry Jones

Cecil Madden: Nicholas Murchie

Josie: Alison Reid

Jack Bishop: Vincent Marzello

Franco Minelli: Mark Straker

Jesus Mendoza: Peter Gunn

Henry Drew: Clive Hill

Eugene Roach: "terence Edmond

Waitress: Siriol Jenkins