Star Struck



Star Struck by Katharine Way

Sarah has got the job of her dreams.

Working with Cal, an Astronomy Professor at a remote observatory in New Zealand, watching the destruction of a planet by a black hole.

But then the Professor registers a message from the dying planet.

Can it really be genuine?

Sarah....Julia Haworth

Cal....Philip Bretherton

Producer Gary Brown

Sarah loves it at the observatory - she's a girl geek who's only really happy at work.

She feels at home observing the chaos and vastness of space; ordinary human concerns just seem trivial.

She'd rather look at stars than deal with people.

And Cal's an exciting person to work with - brilliant and intuitive, but also generous, funny and charming.

He has an incredible capacity for work; he never seems to sleep.

They're looking at Black Holes, a sort of whirlpool in space which can destroy planets.

But then something strange happens.

A transmission from the planet that is being destroyed.

Cal is convinced it is genuine.

This could be the Holy Grail.

A research assistant and a professor study black holes at a remote observatory.