Stanley Baxter And Friends

The king of multi-character comedy Stanley Baxter in a series of four comic plays, each week featuring different co-stars.

This series was repeated as one-off episodes.


0101A Brush With Change2003123120040902

The king of multi-character comedy Stanley Baxter in a series of four comic plays, each week featuring different co-stars.

This series was repeated as one-off episodes.By Laurence Howarth With Claire Bloom and Maureen Lipman A story of art, marriage and growing old disgracefully.

Sir Leslie McKinsey RA is one of the country's best-loved artists, famous for one thing and one thing only: his highly popular paintings of elephants.

For this year's summer exhibition at the Royal Academy in London he's done a new set of paintings which is different.

Very different.

Has he gone mad? And has he reckoned without the ire of the president of his fan club, his rival, the art critic - and even his previously devoted wife?

  • fan club president mrs Suzanne thornley....Maureen Lipman
  • lady nichola mckinsey....claire bloom
  • producer graham frost
  • sir leslie mckinsey, walter robitaille, kevin smith....Stanley Baxter

  • 0102Medium Rare2004010720040826

    by David Holt With Lynn Ferguson, Ford Kiernan and Nadim Sawalha Meet Wee Davy Dowds, a medium in 1950s Glasgow, in the parlance a 'wee sweetie-wife', and nicknamed the 'Nostradamus of the Candleriggs'.

    He provides comfort for the troubled, and conversation with loved-ones gone before - not to mention the occasional chat with John Knox.

    One of his clients is Ina McClure, who's trying to find out about an inheritance - but husband George is unimpressed.

    He stops the money from her housekeeping, and she goes on strike - from every wifely role! So he and best friend Bruce come up with a cunning plan, but it doesn't turn out as they expected...

    Wee Davy Dowds, Bruce....Stanley Baxter Ina McClure....Lynn Ferguson George McClure....Ford Kiernan Ravi....Nadim Sawalha Producer: Graham Frost.

    0103The Making Of Cavalier20040114

    by Simon Brett Presented by Paul Vaughan.

    This week Stanley takes on one of the greatest challenges a voice artist can attempt: playing all the parts himself.

    In this hilarious satirical spoof documentary - about how Hollywood americanizes stories that it turns into films - Stanley plays no fewer than eight main characters.

    The only other voice you'll hear throughout the whole half hour will be the presenter, Paul Vaughan.

    This episode brings together two names from the satire hall of fame: Stanley Baxter was the first person to portray in TV comedy HM the Queen - not to mention the Pope - and Simon Brett was one of the brains behind the vintage Radio 4 satire show Weekending, as well as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    Produced by Graham Frost

    0104 LASTAll Locals Great And Small2004012120040819

    By Georgia Pritchett 'Local characters' - don't you love them? Ever tried to use your best school French on a trip to France and suspected the locals were talking even faster than normal just for you? Or taken up a new job somewhere and found people a bit too keen on showing you how tough you'll need to be to survive? The last in this series of four comic plays comes right up to date with a script by the multi-awardwinning young writer Georgia Pritchett, an affectionate look at the extremes of rural eccentricity, from excessive hardiness; to deliberately impenetrable dialects and bizarre blends of hospitality and wariness of strangers, all in the form of a spoof of those 'new vet in the Highlands' yarns, usually starring Dirk Bogarde.

    The New Vet/Mr MacBean....Stanley Baxter Vet's Assistant....Phyllis Logan Mrs Windrum....Janet Brown Mrs Cameron....Elaine C Smith