Spring Collection


AR01The Universal Aunt20050321

By Candy Neubert.

In her stiff grey Harris Tweed coat, 11 year old Beverley is making the long journey back to her dreaded boarding school.

As she passes through the sliding doors at the airport exit, she scans the crowd.

Then a woman steps forward, smiling.

Read by Jacqueline Tong

AR02The House That Jack Built20050322

Written and read by Phyllida Nash.

After Jack's sudden death in Italy, his wife meets up with three of their old friends.

But will Susie, Paula and Karen ever discover what really happened that night in Amalfi?

AR03The Kitchen Front20050323

by Stella Goorney.

A perfect gastronomic moment is ruined when the sirens go off.

Read by Rebecca Smart.

AR04 LASTThe Night Singers20050324

By Valerie Miner

Henry wonders if the retirement home will be too confining for the once vigorous woman who used to be his college professor but Cecilia, though older and physically diminished, still has the promise of music to keep her spirit soaring.