Spots In History


01How The Baby Got Its Spot19981012

Being pregnant used to be a risky business - if a hare crossed your path, your baby would be born with a hare lip, and if you thought about an ugly man at conception, your offspring would be ugly too. With Professor Mary Fissell

02The Body Pierced19981013

Helen Weinstein and Dr Eamonn Duffy explore the impact on Christianity of the stigmata received by St Francis of Assisi.

03The Pharaoh19981014

In the fashion-conscious world of ancient Egypt, having a freckle could be a disaster. Remedies written on papyrus show how the social climber could lighten the skin. With Dr Salima Ikram

04The King's Bum Boil19981015

Louis XIV had a boil in an embarrassing place which he had to keep secret. On 18 November 1686, the boil was sorted out. With Professor Colin Jones

05 LASTWar Paint Of The Waghi19981016

How do facial adornments bring together warriors and football fans? With Dr Michael O'hanlon