A Spot Of Bother

A Spot of Bother

By Mark Haddon, abridged by Carolanne Lyme, read by Nathaniel Parker.



A Spot of Bother

By Mark Haddon, abridged by Carolanne Lyme, read by Nathaniel Parker.George Hall feels that the secret of contentment is to ignore some things completely.

However, certain things simply cannot be ignored.


George does not have cancer.

He has eczema, but has Dr Barghoutian got it wrong? His wife Jean is oblivious to George's state of mind, partly because she has other things on her mind.


Katie is having doubts about her forthcoming marriage to Ray.

Her brother Jamie is trying to decide whether or not to take his boyfriend to the wedding and their father George is still blissfully unaware that his wife is having an affair.


Things are not going well for the Hall family.

Katie has told Ray that the wedding is off, and now regrets it, and her brother Jamie has split up with his boyfriend, Tony.

Meanwhile, their parents have problems, too - George has discovered that Jean is having an affair.


George Hall thinks he is going mad.

His wife, Jean, finds this rather inconvenient given her feelings for David Symmonds.

Meanwhile, their children have relationship problems of their own.


Jamie Hall awakes with a hangover to discover his father is having a nervous breakdown, his sister has cancelled her wedding and his mother is having an affair.

Everyone meets up at the hospital where tempers flare.


George is clearly still having problems, but his wife Jean does not realise quite how serious they are.

Katie decides to marry Ray after all, and Jamie tries desperately to persuade Tony to come to the wedding.


George decides that he is not going to his daughter Katie's wedding and plans to escape.

Meanwhile, the marquee is flooded, and Jean's evangelical sister arrives to make matters worse.


George is obliged to return home where he overdoses on valium and feels much better.

Katie and Ray finally get married, and Jamie and Tony are reunited just in time to hear the wedding toasts.

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George reveals that he has known David was Jean's lover for some time.

Fortunately, Jamie and Tony are on hand to save the wedding day.