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Programme Catalogue - Details: 16 September 199519950916

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16 Sep 1995 09:05-09:30 (RADIO 4)


Cliff Morgan (int)

Mark Nicholas (Speaker).

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SBH:Kelly Holmes, British athlete, talks about her life and career.

From Sport On Four.

PRE:Breaking the British 800m record at the Grand Prix Final.

No history of athletics in her family.

Her athletics at school.

Her weaknesses are chocolates and other sweets.

Her hobbies.

Has set her sights on the Olympics and won't let anything get in the way of training for the games.

Applied to be a gladiator and passed, but couldn't compete because of athletics competitions.

Her nicknames 'dynamo' and 'nightmare'.

Dealing with the press.

The public are very nice to her.

TXN/TDT:R4 16-Sep-1995 CON:HOLMES Kelly (spkr) BOXER Christina (int)

16 Sep 1995 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)

Christina Boxer (int)

Kelly Holmes (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 716987.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 23 September 199519950923

Notes: CD99422 BAND:32 AND CD99617 BAND:02

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association football


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23 Sep 1995 09:05-09:30 (RADIO 4)


Cliff Morgan (int)

Peter Drury (int)

Ruud Gullit (Speaker)

Byron Nelson (Speaker).

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SBH:Allan Donald, the Warwickshire and South Africa cricketer, talks about playing for the county.

From Sport On Four.

PRE:Importance to him of winning the County Championship.

Not playing for Warwickshire in 1994 when they had their great season was very frustrating.

Attitude to Lara getting his contract with Warwickshire.

Is now settled in Warwickshire regardless of whether or not he's playing for the county.

Recalls first joining Warwickshire.

His attitude to batsmen when bowling.

Looks forward to the upcoming series with England.

Attitude of black community in South Africa towards the South Africa team.

TXN/TDT:R4 23-Sep-1995 CON:DONALD Allan (spkr) MURPHY Pat (int)

23 Sep 1995 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)

Pat Murphy (int)

Allan Donald (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 702264.

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SBH:Ian Hayden, Paralympic athlete, talks about the sport and about his run from John O'Groats to Land's End.

PRE:John O'Groats to Land's End run - didn't think, after the third day, he'd make it.

Help given to him by his family.

People he met on the way.

Lack of sponsorship for disabled sport.

Works just as hard as able-bodied athletes, but do it on a shoe-string.

Importance of the sport to him.

TXN/TDT:R4 23-Sep-1995 CON:HAYDEN Ian (spkr) MORGAN Cliff (int)

Ian Hayden (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 592072.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 30 September 199519950930

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SBH:Harvey Smith, British show jumper, talks about his life and career.

From Sport On Four.

PRE:How he used to make ends meet in his early days in horse shows.

To get the best out of horses you must treat them well, not harshly.

Any fear or doubt in the rider is transfered to the horse.

Will always be remembered for his V-sign.

Riding at the Olympic Games.

Recalls performing at the first Wembley Horse of the Year Show in 1959.

Believes the Horse of the Year Show should be the number one show in the world.

TXN/TDT:R4 30-Sep-1995 CON:SMITH Harvey (spkr) LYNAM Desmond (int)

Broadcast history

30 Sep 1995 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Desmond Lynam (int)

Harvey Smith (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 687570.