Spinning Yarns [Reading]

Five new stories from Ireland, all about storytelling.


AR01Strolling Players, By James Ellis20010514

Actor James Ellis reads his tale of a chance encounter in Galway, while he was on tour.

He met an old gentleman of the road with an extraordinary story to tell.

AR02Web, By John Goldworthy20010515

When a young couple become parents, they aren't prepared for the family politics involved in choosing a name for the baby.

Read by Catherine Cusack.

AR03The Awakening Chamber, By Lana Citron20010516

Because he i's small for his age, Oliver is allowed into the girls' communal changing room with his older sister.

But one day his innocent fun comes to an end.

Read by Luke Griffin

AR04Fabrication, By Jo Baker20010517

Pauline Mclynn reads a cautionary tale about a small village community which told too many stories.

AR05 LASTTiger Slayer, By pearse Elliot20010518

When a young orphan's prize cow is killed by a man-eating tiger, he sets out with an old rusty rifle to avenge the death.

Read by George Irving.