Spike's Lookalikes

Sitcom by Mark Watson, set in a lookalike agency.


0101To Del And Back20080616

Del Boy impersonator Jimmy has had enough and is leaving to fulfil his ambition of becoming a dentist in Spain. Since he is almost Spike's only client who ever gets bookings, it seems like a good idea to talk him out of it.

  • amanda....sara stewart
  • announcer....Rosie Cavaliero
  • big brother v....Duncan Wisbey
  • caller 2....sara stewart
  • craig....Kim Wall
  • denzil....Kim Wall
  • maggie....Doon Mackichan
  • maggie....doon mckichon
  • nicky....martha howe-douglas
  • o....Duncan Wisbey
  • phil....bruce mackinnon
  • ringo....Duncan Wisbey
  • sandie....Rosie Cavaliero
  • sean....Duncan Wisbey
  • spike....Ardal O'hanlon

  • 0102A Kind Of Magic.20080623

    Spike and Maggie get a booking to reprise their Paul Daniels and Debbie Mcgee double act.

    0103 LAST20080630

    When Nicky is nominated for a prestigious Lookies award, everything is finally going brilliantly for Spike. But with one rash comment to her boyfriend, it seems Spike is going to lose his client, his agency and his marriage. Can he turn this one around?