Speak Low, Speak Weill



Ute Lemper is a German singer and actress renowned for her interpretation of the work of Kurt Weill. In this programme, she explores the composer's journey from German Jewish refugee to Broadway superstar.

Best known as the composer of Mack the Knife, Weill was forced to leave his native Germany in 1933 as National Socialism deemed his work 'entartete musik' - degenerate music.

In New York, he forged a career as one of the most successful theatre composers of the 20th century - with stage works such as Street Scene, Lost in the Stars and Lady in the Dark.

In this personal portrait, Ute Lemper reflects on what she describes as the cultural destruction of Germany and her mission to bring the story of Kurt Weill to a wider audience.

Contributors include Professor Kim Kowalke, James Holmes and Professor Stephen Hinton.

Produced by Llinos Jones

A Terrier production for BBC Radio 4.