The Spare Room



Michael lives in Stephanie's spare room.

Michael knows everything about Stephanie.

He knows how many pairs of shoes she has. And how often she has sex.

But Stephanie doesn't know anything about Michael.

She doesn't know that he's an asylum seeker from Eritrea.

She doesn't know that Michael has recently had his last asylum claim refused, been evicted from his flat and lives on handout's from the local church.

And she definitely doesn't know that Michael lives in her spare room.

Until today.

Today Stephanie and Michael will meet for the first time.

The Spare Room is a 'Rapid Response' play (commissioned close to transmission) inspired by the Scottish Refugee Council's recent report (October 2012) stating that one in four asylum seekers in Britain will face destitution.

Stephanie Candida Benson

Michael Babou Ceesay

Police Hannah Wood and Michael Shelford

Written by Oliver Emanuel

Directed by Lu Kemp

Executive Producer Toby Swift

*NB* this data pasted by PC for this production Simon Richardson (40759) via an email from Lu Kemp, Producer.