By Barbara Norden

Samantha goes abroad to adopt two young children.

Her guide, Jarilo Veles, acts as mediator with the director of the orphanage.

But it is clear that nothing is straightforward in this world, and elements of fable and fantasy intrude in the story, which is told through the device of a recorded narrative Samantha is making for the children she plans to adopt.

Samantha...Katherine Parkinson

Jarilo Veles...Ivan Marevich

The Director...Dado Dzihan

Morana...Alex Tregear

Song by Dado Dzihan

Directed by Jeremy Mortimer

Barbara Norden set up the MA in Creative Writing at City University London in 2004.

Her plays include Try Not to Worry; Via Crucis; The Milkman (Birmingham Rep Commission); Wedding Album; Blue Light in Delphi and a play for 7-11 year olds produced by Hampstead Theatre and published by Oberon.

Souvenirs is her first play for radio.

Katherine Parkinson plays a woman who goes abroad to adopt two children