Soundscape - The White-tailed Sea Eagle

Paul Young narrates five evocative programmes following the lives of three pairs of White-tailed Sea Eagles as they struggle to survive and raise their chicks in Scotland.



Fierce autumn gales and icy storms prove a challenge to the sea eagles as they scavenge for carrion along the rocky coasts.

As winter draws to a close, a pair of magnificent birds performs a spectacular courtship display, wheeling and diving through the cold, salty air like acrobats on a high trapeze.


Its late winter, and the White-tailed Sea Eagles use all their skill and patience to hunt and scavenge for food; raiding fish farms, scouring the shoreline and chasing eider duck on a loch.

In mid-April, the first sea eagle chick hatches out of its egg on the island of Mull.


Having hatched out of their eggs in April, the young sea eagle chicks spend much of their time feeding and exercising their wings in preparation for their first flight.

For one eaglet, this is a terrifying experience when he tumbles out of his nest on the sea cliff into the raging waves below.


The young sea eagle chicks struggle to survive through their first autumn and winter.

Finding food is difficult at this time of year.

Whilst one young bird finds easy pickings at a harbour, another takes advantage of an otter hunting for fish along the rocky shoreline.

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As spring approaches, we join the sea eagles as they chase eider ducks amongst the waves, fish for trout in a mountain stream and engage in a deadly encounter with a golden eagle.