Sounds Of The 60s


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Brian Matthew with pop's golden years including the Chronicles of the Sixties.

Brian Matthew reveals the facts and plays the hits, rarities, B sides and lost tracks of pop's most important decade.

The A-Z of The Beatles is nearing the final few recordings in their catalogue and reaches 'You're Gonna Lose That Girl'.

Three-In-A-Row is selected by Harry Morrison and features three Doris Day songs performed by Julie Rogers, Kathy Kirby and Helen Shapiro.

There are also records from The Capitols, Bob Dylan, Mary Hopkin, Chris Andrews, Esther Phillips, Lee Dorsey and Johnny Hallyday.

Brian Matthew tracks the songs of the Sixties with the A-Z of The Beatles.

Brian Matthew presents the programme for all fans of the music of the 1960s.

With facts, figures and trivia as well as the classic hits, rarities, instrumentals and album tracks, the selection sweeps right across the most important decade for popular music from beginning to end.

The A-Z of The Beatles reaches 'You Really Got A Hold On Me' as we work our way through their entire catalogue playing every one of their recordings.

'The One Before The Hit' this week features The Tremeloes and there is also 'The EP Collection' - looking at some of the 4-track vinyl releases which featured in the dedicated EP charts.

Tracks include: Love Affair, Yes, Stevie Wonder, The Shirelles, Steve Lawrence, Bobby Hebb and The Small Faces.

Sounds Of The Sixties began in 1983 and Brian has been at helm since 1990, bringing to the programme his distinctive voice and unmatchable experience of sixties pop shows.

Brian Matthew replays the sounds of pop's golden decade including this week Led Zeppelin.

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