Sounds Of The 20th Century



Jeremy Vine passes the midway point in Radio 2's audio journey through five decades of triumph, tragedy and trivia, and reaches 1976.

1976 is the year of the great drought, the American Bicentennial, Denis Healey and Jimmy Carter.

The music is what they called AOR (album oriented rock) - Joan Armatrading, the Eagles and Peter Frampton - but there are some noisy new kids on the block in the shape of The Damned and the Sex Pistols.

Jeremy Vine passes the midway point in Radio 2's audio journey, reaching 1976.

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In the final instalment of our audio journey through the 20th Century, Jeremy Vine takes listeners back to the year 2000.

There is tragedy in the air and on the railways, as Concorde crash lands in France and an InterCity 225 derails at Hatfield. And, on her daughter's 10th birthday, the troubled life of Paula Yates reaches a tragic conclusion.

In America there's an election win for George W Bush, while in the UK Ken Livingstone becomes the first elected Mayor of London.

At the box office, there are big successes for X-Men and Russell Crowe's Gladiator. The first series of Big Brother becomes front page news when "Nasty Nick" tries to influence the voting. And the catchphrase of the new millenium is "Wassup!"

And we take a jet-propelled journey back through the last 50 years of tragedy, triumph, and trivia.

Jeremy Vine takes listeners back to 2000 in the final instalment of the series.