The Sounds Of Love



BBC Radio Scotland, Produced by Amanda Hargreaves, Sound design and everything else Scanner.

The programme features the following wild creatures: Bats; Albatrosses; Tungler frogs; Asian Lions; Billygoats; Mute Swans; Elephants; Puerto Rican Tree Frogs; Peacocks; Swallows; Beluga Whales; Capuchin Birds; Blue Tits; Cats; Bees; Grey Lions; Toads; Satin Bowerbirds; Grey Seals; Hammer Headed Fruit Bats; Swallow Gulls and Elephant Seals - and the following humans: Matt Thompson - a radio producer; Maxine Grisley - a business woman; Jim Crumley - a nature writer; Tom McGrath - a playwright.

The internationally reknowned sound artist Scanner has composed an enchanting musical feature using the extraordinary sounds of love to be found in nature.

The music and wildlife is interwoven with the voices of four humans describing their own feelings about the sounds of love.