Sound Of Roses, The [ad]



by Adrian Penketh.

A dark thriller set in France, written in French and English.

Alice teaches business English near Grenoble. When Serge asks her for a late night English lesson, there's no way she could have guessed what he was planning...

A tense, fast-moving story about two people who've come adrift from their lives in a sea of globalisation.

Directed by Abigail le Fleming

The Writer

Adrian Penketh is an actor turned writer. His debut play for radio, The Waterbucks, was nominated for the Richard Imison Award. His other plays include: Onysos the Wild; The Road to Calvary; A Man Cut in Slices; A Special Kind of Dark; The Mouse House, an adaptation of Maupassant's Une Vie and a modern adaptation of Balzac's The Wild Ass's Skin, which was runner-up for the Prix Italia in 2011. He lives in France.