Sound Barrier

Michael White chairs six debates on matters musical, in which two protagonists clash over an issue that divides them, armed with extracts and witness accounts.



Michael Billington attacks the musical, which is defended by conductor Leonard Slatkin


If you knew that Brahms wrote symphonies between visits to the brothel, would you listen with a different ear? Writer Michael Bywater and film-maker Tony Palmer discuss whether understanding the context in which composers write music helps or hinders an appreciation of the music itself.

03Keep Music Live?19991024

David Mellor, broadcaster and keen collector of recordings since his childhood, faces Serge Dorny, chief executive and artistic director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

04Organs Are For Train Spotters19991031

Professor John Deathridge says that organs have lost their appeal. Organ virtuoso Dame Gillian Weir leaps to the defence of what she still regards as the king of instruments.

05Jazz Is Dead?19991107

According to David Meeker, author of `Jazz in the Movies', jazz died in 1962. Jazz critic John Fordham thinks that if jazz is dead, then it is the liveliest corpse he has ever come across.

06 LAST19991114