The Sons Of Dermot Mulligan


0101It Was Henry Fonda's Fault20051117

Comedy drama by Owen O'neill.

Young Frankie falls in love with Hollywood and follows his dream to Tinseltown, a dream that becomes a nightmare.

  • James Ellis
  • Josie Lawrence
  • Kerry Shale and luke o'reilly
  • Owen O'neill
  • additional cast....

    Owen O'neill, James Ellis, lizzie roper, ricky grover, phil nichol, Stephen Hogan and jack logue

  • additional cast....

    Owen O'neill, Phil Cornwell, pauline goldsmith and michael legge

  • additional cast....

    Owen O'neill, luke o'reilly, Jon Glover, beth fitzgerald, richard firth, Stephen Hogan and patrick simpson

  • additional cast....

    Owen O'neill, pauline goldsmith, ford kiernan, colin murphy and michael smiley

  • producer claire jones

  • 0102My Son The Footballer20051124

    Nathan risks his life, family and friends when his only son becomes the focus for his obsession with the beautiful game.

    0103Shouting From The Scaffold20051201

    At 17, Danny has ended up working on a building site, trapped in an old man's dead-end world of drink, hard work and bedsits.

    It takes a tragic turn of events to eventually help him find his poetic muse and the road to freedom.

    0104Off My Face20051208

    Can schoolteacher Leo come to terms with his dark alcoholic past: the disposal of a strangled sheep and sex with a teenage goth pupil?

    0105 LASTFinding Mick Jagger20051215

    To save his marriage, Owen must find his rock hero and persuade him to retire.

    But will Mick listen?