The Songs That Houses Sing

Four plays set in houses which sing their secrets.


01D I Y20000710

by Hattie Naylor.

Daniel is willing to tear his beautiful house apart to create the right decor for FRANCEs.

The harder he works, the more clearly the past emerges.

The story the house has to tell is not a happy one.

With Jade Williams, Rosie Cavaliero and Alistair Galbraith.

Director: Jeremy Mortimer

02The House In Tamworth Park20000711

by Josephine Corcoran.

Alice, a writer, lives in a flat in a big old house.

All the tenants receive an offer to move out, but Alison stays and begins to trace the story of a couple who lived in the house nearly 100 years ago - a story of buried treasure.

With Mia Soteriou, Sarah Rice and Joshua Towb.

Director: Josephine Corcoran.

03The Currs20000712

`The Currs' by Kate Clanchy.

The third of four plays set in houses which sing their secrets.

Tasmania, 1832.

Edward Curr, master of the Van Diemen's Land Company, tries to gain control of his wife, his convict stonemason and the wild landscape in this harsh outpost of the Empire.

With Julia Ford, Garry Cooper and Colin Tierney.

Director: Mary Peate

04 LASTKissing Shadows20000713

by Rachel Joyce.

The last of four plays set in houses which sing their secrets.

Following a painful separation from her husband, Holly and her sister Frankie rent a country cottage where she can recuperate.

They discover that the house has a story of its own.

With Emma Fielding, Matilda Ziegler and Ewan Hooper.

Director: Mary Peate