Something To Hold Onto, Episode 5

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Programme Catalogue - Details:19900409A BOOK AT BEDTIME|Producer: S.|KILGARRIFF|Next in series: IN THE RED KITCHEN, Episode 1|Previous in series: SOMETHING TO HOLD ONTO, Episode 4|Other programmes in SOMETHING TO HOLD ONTO|Episode 1|Episode 2|Episode 3|Episode 4|Episode 5|Description|'Something To Hold Onto' written by Richard COBB, abridged by John SCOTNEY, read by Frederick Treves and produced by Sarah KILGARRIFF.|Part 5 (of 5): The American Connection.|Subject Categories|readings programmes (programme format)|Broadcast history|09 Apr 1990 22:45-23:00 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|John Scotney (adap)|Richard Cobb (Author)|Sarah Kilgarriff (Producer)|Frederick Treves (rdr)|Recorded on 1990-03-09.