Something Sensational To Read In The Train


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1 I always like people who keep diaries,' wrote Chips Channon in his diary: 'they are not as others, at least not quite.' Why do people keep diaries? What value are they to posterity?

Nigel Rees examines a selection of 20th-century diaries including those of CECIL BEATON SIR HENRY CHANNON

Joyce Grenfell , THOMAS JONES LORD MORAN, HAROLD NICOLSON and VIRGINIA WOOLF With the opinions of Quentin Bell

Robert Rhodes James Keith Middlemass and. Nigel Nicolson

Readers Sean Barrett

MARGOT BOYD. Malcolm Hayes and Vivian Stanshall



Unknown: Chips Channon

Unknown: Nigel Rees

Unknown: Cecil Beaton

Unknown: Sir Henry Channon

Unknown: Joyce Grenfell

Unknown: Thomas Jones

Unknown: Harold Nicolson

Unknown: Quentin Bell

Unknown: Robert Rhodes James

Unknown: Keith Middlemass

Unknown: Nigel Nicolson

Unknown: Readers Sean Barrett

Unknown: Margot Boyd.

Unknown: Malcolm Hayes

Unknown: Vivian Stanshall

Produced By: Anne Duncan-Jones