Something Out Of Nothing

Stories by five Welsh writers.


01The Day Trippers20011008

by Richard John Evans.

Passing the time in Pontypridd, a young couple invent a day out.

Read by Oliver Ryan

02Learning To Speak Klingon20011009

by Catherine Merriman. Iestyn and Dale have created full lives with few resources, but Mr and Mrs Mouse aren't so lucky.

03On Top Of The World20011010

by Roger Granelli. Rob and Roxanne's experience of life in Laugharne proves more painful than Dylan Thomas' colourful fiction.

04The Bread Van20011011

by BrIan Smith. Set in an Orwellian Wales of the future, Owen's attempt to find a job takes him somewhere he didn't expect to go.

05 LASTThat Good Night20011012

by Ceri Williams.

Nostalgia, alcohol and music accompany Mr Davies as he tackles the long journey home.

Read by Melanie Walters