Something Like A Miracle


Genome: [r4 Bd=19921012]

by Gerry Huxham.

In 1921 a Labour council was voted in for the first time in the poverty-stricken borough of Poplar. They decided to break the law in order to help their voters.

Director Janet Whitaker. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19921012]

Unknown: Gerry Huxham.

Director: Janet Whitaker.

George Lambury: John Church

Sam March: Keith Drinkel

Walter Green: Eric Allan

Chas Chandler: Ronald Herdman

George Cressall: Terence Edmond

Edgar Lansbury: Mark Straker

Minnie Lansbury: Joanna Myers

Susan Lawrence: Joanna Wake

Nellie Cressall: Theresa Streatfeild

Bessie Lansbury: Gudrun Ure

Lou Chandler: Ann Windsor

Virginia: Siriol Jenkins

Bill Thompson: Neil Roberts

JP SkeggS: Matthew Sim

Sir Alfred Mond: Brett Usher

Lloyd George: Peter Penry Jones

Edward Shortt: Andrew Wincott

Herbert Morrison: Jonathan Adams

William Gentry: Nicholas Murchie

Governor ofBrixton Prison: John Webb