Some Secluded Glade



Psychological thriller by Hugh Costello.

A fall from a tree results in severe concussion precipitating a gradual unravelling of an otherwise fine mind.

One moment Tom is playing with his son in a wood and the next he is catapulted into a nightmare world in which his wife and son are living with another man; a taller, younger, better looking man.

Tom gradually recovers and this nightmare appears to recede, but when a newly-arrived neighbour comes to dinner and it turns out to be the same man, Tom begins a gradual descent.

His worst fears are realised and his own destruction and that of his family become hideously inevitable.

Tom Beaumont....Patrick Fitzsymons

Gail Beaumont....Cathy Belton

Toby Beaumont....Robbie Gilmore

Bruno....Sean Campion

Megan....Maggie Cronin

Dr Marriott....Melissa Advani

Sgt Osborne....Hugh Costello

Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan.