Solomon And Marion



Marion lives alone in her silent and isolated rural home in South Africa. She knows she is being watched so Solomon's arrival isn't a surprise but the reason for his visit is unclear. They form an unlikely friendship which bridges the generational and racial gaps between them but when the truth finally emerges it threatens to engulf them both. Written by Lara Foot, the play is followed by a short talk by Janet Suzman.

Composer Brydon Bolton

Sound Nigel Lewis

Director Alison Hindell

SOLOMON AND MARION was written and originally directed by Lara Foot for the Baxter Theatre Centre in Cape Town in 2011. It was restaged at the Assembly Hall as part of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play was, in part, inspired by the senseless murder of actor Brett Goldin in Cape Town in 2006. At the time, Brett was rehearsing the Baxter Theatre Centre production of Hamlet, directed by Janet Suzman, and the title role of Marion in this play was written for Janet. Janet's most recent credit for Radio 4 was in Life and Fate.