Soldier, Sailor

Four programmes telling the story of some of the most dramatic battles in British naval history through the voices of ordinary sailors who took part in them - climbing the rigging, manning the guns, paying the price.


0101Sour Beer20031126

by Stephen Wyatt, read by Nicholas Woodeson. New Series.

0102The Dutch In The Medway20031203

by D J Britton.

0103The Attack On Porto Bello20031210

By Martyn Wade, and performed by Stephen Noonan.

In 1739, Admiral Vernon and just six British ships took the Spanish silver town of Porto Bello in present day Panama.

The war against the Spanish, that had been prompted by the savage severing of a merchant's ear, was popular at home but left awful casualties among the British sailors.

With commentary from historians Richard Harding and Michael Duffy.

0104 LASTTrafalgar20031217

The last programme in the series of personal eyewitness accounts of great naval battles remembers the dramatic events of 200 years ago when Nelson met the French at Trafalgar off the Spanish coast.

Carter, the surgeon's mate on the Victory is below decks as the battle begins at last, recollecting a strange premonition-laden dream.

With David Bamber as Carter and historical commentary from Andrew Lambert and Colin White