Ka, a poet and political exile, returns to Turkey to write an investigative piece about troubling events in the mysterious, snow shrouded city of Kars; a place haunted by the silences of its own history.

Snow is a spectacular tour de force, evoking the spiritual fragility of the non -western world, its ambivalence about the godless West, and its fury.

  • additional music composed and performed by melanie pappenheim
  • agent....Ben Crowe
  • blue....Michael Maloney
  • cavit....Ben Crowe
  • directed by - Marilyn Imrie
  • director....nadim sawalha
  • dramatised by - James Friel
  • fazil....philip arditti
  • funda esser....Nina Wadia
  • ipek....lia wiliams
  • ka....William Houston
  • kadife....Jasmine Hyde
  • necip....philip arditti
  • orhan....Robert Glenister
  • sunay zaim....jak klaff
  • translated by maureen freely
  • turgut bey....Philip Jackson
  • z demirkol....Stephen Critchlow
  • by.... - - orhan pamuk

  • 1998010619980126

    By Kate Barry, read by Niamh Cusack. An Irish farmer's wife and mother of six reflects on her relationships with her children and particularly with Jack, her little boy who died one cold and wintry Boxing Day.