Colin Ford tells the stories behind five groundbreaking photographs and how they changed the world.


01Jacob A Riis: Police Lodging Room, Church Street Station, 189519991206

Riis's photographs of the New York slum had an immediate and extraordinary impact on society, pioneering the style of crusading journalism that continues today.

02Julia Margaret Cameron: Portrait Of Thomas Carlyle, 186719991207

The significance of this haunting portrait is in the life-size reproduction of the head.

03Four Legs, Muybridge, 187219991208

No animal painting and no vet's understanding was ever the same again after Edward Muybridge's sequence of photographs proved that a horse had all four feet off the ground when galloping.

04Eddie Adams: Execution Of A Vietcong Suspect, 196819991209

This execution was reproduced in newspapers around the world within hours of being taken and is credited with ending the Vietnam War.

05 LASTLennart Nilsson: The Inner Child19991210

The first ever photograph of a live fetus taken inside its mother's womb.