Smoke And Daggers



Smoke and Daggers by Hugh Costello.

A political thriller by a skilful writer who is making an increasing reputation in movie and TV writing.

"Holby City", Thin Ice (2005) "Auto da Fe", "On Home Ground" (2001) TV Series "The Ambassador" TV Series (writer) The Rope Trick.

Hugh's latest film is the Emmy Award winning Bernard and Doris starring Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes.

Recently for R4, Slightly Larger Than West Virginia and The Forgetting Curve.

His latest play imagines its way inside the lives of a political elite who surrounded the former Taioseach, Bertie Ahern.

Dublin, 1997.

When Joe Finnerty marries into Dublin's political aristocracy his fortune appears to be made.

Lucrative government contracts and the ready patronage of his heavy hitting father-in-law ensure that Joe soon becomes a man to be reckoned with.

His own career in politics seems pre-ordained, until a disgruntled Party apparatchik leaks information concerning the unexplained death of Joe's ex partner, creating a scandal which shakes the Finnerty empire and threatens to destroy Joe and everything he once held dear.

A cautionary tale about an individual's pact with political preferment - Irish style.


Joe Finnerty - Patrick Fitzsymons

Oliver McQuaid - John Kavanagh

Louise Finnerty - Amanda Hurwitz

Gemma - Cathy White

Fintan - Michael J Murphy

Murtagh - Hugh Costello


Glynn - Frankie McCafferty

Miriam - Nicky Doherty

And Conor Finnerty - Padraig Dooney

The play was directed by EOIN O'CALLAGHAN.

An unexplained death of an ex-partner threatens all that Joe Finnerty holds dear.


Political thriller by Hugh Costello, set in 1997 around the time of Bertie Ahern's election as Taoiseach.

Marrying into Dublin's political elite does wonders for Joe Finnerty's personal fortunes, but the unexplained death of his ex-partner casts a shadow which threatens all that Joe holds dear.

Joe Finnerty....Patrick Fitzsymons

  • conor finnerty....padraig dooney

    directed by Eoin O'callaghan.

    by hugh costello.

    joe finnerty's place among dublin's political elite is threatened

  • di glynn....frankie mccafferty
  • fintan sheridan....michael j murphy
  • gemma....cathy white
  • louise finnerty....amanda hurwitz
  • miriam....nicky doherty
  • murtagh....hugh costello
  • oliver mcquaid....john kavanagh