A Small Family Business

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Martin Jarvis directs a starry cast in Alan Ayckbourn's award-winning play from 1987, viewed by many as a protest against the policies of the Thatcher governmnent.

When Jake McCraken takes over his family's furniture business, he intends that it be an honest endeavour.

However, his relatives' various dishonest actions soon come to light and threaten the company's future.

Jack....Alfred Molina

  • anita....Joanne Whalley
  • benedict....Adam Godley
  • cliff....Kenneth Danziger
  • desmond....julian sands
  • director: Martin Jarvis.

    Alan Ayckbourn's award-winning 1987 play about a family's descent into corruption

  • harriet....jill gascoine
  • ken....Roy Dotrice
  • poppy....Rosalind Ayres
  • roy....Darren Richardson
  • samantha....fuschia sumner
  • the five rivetti brothers....Matthew Wolf

    consultant: Alan Ayckbourn

  • tina....Moira Quirk
  • yvonne....millicent martin