A series of six programmes looking at life in the slow lane.


01Slowly Down The Ganges20010808

Veteran travel writer Eric Newby recalls his famous 1,200-mile journey down the holy river of India, remembering the frustration and exhilaration of several months spent travelling towards the Bay of Bengal with his long-suffering wife Wanda.

He explains why, in his opinion, even in our modern age of instant global circumnavigation, the only way to travel properly is to travel slowly.

02Slow Gardening20010815

Anna Pavord - prize-wining gardener and best-selling author of `Tulip' - discusses the importance of time in the creation and enjoyment of a garden.

She laments the popularity of `gardening against the clock' in television makeover shows and argues that gardens are about much bigger cycles than the 24-hour day.

Instead, she describes the joy of the seasons and rejoices in the hundreds of years that plants such as holly and yew take to become established.

03Slow Food20010822

Nicola Barranger investigates the slow food movement, which was established in Italy in 1986 to counter the effects of fast food and the globalisation of taste.

She looks at how the movement is slowly taking hold in Britain and travels to Worcester, where she meets an international cheese expert and a local producer who knows how to enjoy the good things in life.

04Slow Writing20010829

Nigel Collar discusses the book he has been writing since the early 1980s about the world's threatened species of birds.

Several volumes have appeared and been hailed as important scientific works, but the toll on his personal life has been great, and there is the ever-present concern that some species may become extinct before he is able to write about them.

05 LASTSlow Love20010905

Biographer and novelist Victoria Glendinning explores the opposite of love at first sight.

Using personal anecdote, biblical narratives and literary luminaries, she marvels at the love that can grow between old friends, and wonders at the wistful hope of deferred gratification.