Sleeping With The Enemy

Series relating more untold stories of love, hate, betrayal and exploitation from around the world.


0101Palestine In The 1940s2003071420030831

What price do lovers pay when hatred becomes endemic and communities polarised? Palestine in the 1940s was riven by division. British servicemen struggled to police the Mandate while Jewish underground groups fought for the creation of Israel. Linda Pressly hears the moving testimony of those men and women who dared to love across the divide.


The second in a series relating the untold stories of those who have risked their lives for love. Mississippi in the 1960s was a society at war. As black and white civil rights workers poured into the state to fight segregation, white racists went on the attack in an explosion of violence - and interracial relationships, always taboo in the American South, became more dangerous than ever. Linda Pressly hears the testimony of those who dared to love across the divide.

0103 LASTNorthern Ireland's Lesbians And Gay Men2003072820030914

The last in a series relating the untold stories of those who have risked their lives for love. Belfast in the 1970s was a city riven by sectarianism. But Northern Ireland's lesbians and gay men defied the dictates of political and religious polarisation to create a vibrant community in the midst of the Troubles. Linda Pressly meets the men and women who dared - and in some cases risked their lives - to love across the Protestant-Catholic divide.


In the bloody carnage that accompanied the Partition of India in 1947, women - Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims - were the most vulnerable. As the region of Punjab fragmented along religious lines, women were abducted in their thousands by the 'enemy' community. Many were forcibly converted and had children.

Linda Pressly hears the moving testimony of the women who survived.


During the Cold War years, the KGB and the Stasi institutionalised the use of sex and seduction to achieve their aims.

Linda Pressly hears the story of 'Agent Scot', a British KGB agent employed during the 1970s as a 'Romeo' spy. She also meets a former secretary in the American Embassy in Bonn who was duped into handing over hundreds of documents to her Stasi lover.

0203 LASTDrovers' Boys2004112920060129

Up to the 1950s, cohabitation between Aboriginal Australians and white Australians was deemed a criminal offence. But in the brutal cattle country of the Northern Territories, Aboriginal women were often taken by force and disguised as men to evade the authorities. Working on remote cattle stations, they became known as the Drovers' Boys.

Linda Pressly goes deep into the Australian Outback to explore the story of those violent and exploitative times.


In August 1958, Nottingham was the scene of a violent race riot, allegedly sparked by local resentment of interracial relationships. Linda talks to people who lived in the area at the time and hears from some of those involved in relationships between black and white.


For decades after the Spanish Civil War, the country remained divided between the victors and the vanquished. Linda talks to the couples who dared to marry across the deep political rift during Franco's dictatorship.


This programme recalls the politically-inspired violence perpetrated upon Joshua Nkomo's Ndebele people of Zimbabwe by Robert Mugabe's Shona during the 1980s, a brutal crackdown which claimed thousands of lives. Linda talks to mixed Ndebele/Shona couples caught up in the conflict.