A Sleeping Clergyman



A radio version of the play by JAMES BRIDIE with Moultrie Kelsall and Maurice Roëves

The story, which begins in the 1860s, concerns three generations and spans a period of 70 years.

Produced by STEWART CONN (from Glasgow)

9.58 Weather


Play By: James Bridie

Unknown: Moultrie Kelsall

Produced By: Stewart Conn

Dr Cooper: Ian Stewart

Dr Coutts: Henry Donald

Cameron: Maurice Roeves

Mrs Hannah: Molly Urquhart

Dr Marshall: Moultrie Kelsall

Harriet: Jan MacDonald

Wilhelmana: Jan MacDonald

Hope: Jan MacDonald

John Hannah: Robert Trotter

Sergeant: Alex McCrindle

Constable: Andrew Beattie

Donovan: Wallace Campbell

Sir David Todd Walker: Michael O'Halloran

Lady Todd Walker: Maud Risdon

Little Thing: Pamela Wilson

Lady Katherine: Sheila Donald

Dr Purley: Arthur Boland