Five stories set on overnight trains.


AR01To Sleep, To Dream2005021420060423

By Susan Elderkin.

A British ex-pat takes a train from Shanghai to Beijing to escape both his insomnia and his now pregnant Chinese girlfriend.

Read by Tom Goodman-hill

AR02I Take My Heart Out When I Sleep2005021520060430

By Candia McWilliam, read by Ralph Riach.

A night travelling through snow, going North, reveals the generations to one another; or perhaps it does the opposite.

Producer Gaynor Macfarlane

AR03The 10.15 To Bucharest2005021620060507

By Louise Welsh, read by Liam Brennan.

A Gothic tale set on the overnight train from Vienna to Bucharest, where nothing is quite what it seems.

Producer Gaynor Macfarlane

AR04This Reporter2005021720060514

By Nick Walker, read by Michael Feast.

A reporter and his sound recordist, Brian, are travelling through a war zone seeking a story for their next bulletin - without fully understanding the unfolding situation.

Producer Gaynor Macfarlane

AR05 LASTAt The End Of The Day2005021820060521

by Andrew O'hagan.

A man returning home from Glasgow to Euston carries a strange gift for his newborn daughter.