Slaughterhouse 5


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20100824 (BBC7)

An innocent abroad, Billy Pilgrim stumbles into enemy hands.

Psychedelic, darkly humorous anti-war novel read by Robert Jezek.

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Billy Pilgrim is both a prisoner of war and an inadvertent time traveller.

Cult absurdist classic read by Robert Jezek.

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Anti-hero Billy Pilgrim starts to relish his life in a zoo on the planet Tralfamadore.

Read by Robert Jezek.

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Billy Pilgrim arrives in Dresden on the eve of its destruction by Allied bombing.

Concluded by Robert Jezek.


Dramatisation by Dave Sheasby of the celebrated anti-war novel by Kurt Vonnegut.

Billy Pilgrim, who hops back and forth in time, relives various moments in his real and fantasy lives, as a prisoner of war, optometrist and time traveller.

Narrator....John Guerassio

Billy Pilgrim....Andrew Scott

Bernard V O'Hare....Nathan Osgood

Mary....Joanne Mcquinn

Montana....Annabelle Dowler

Barbara....Sarah Goldberg

Valencia....Madeleine Potter

Roland Weary....Simon Lee Philips

Mother....Liza Ross

Eliot Rosewater....Kerry Shale

Howard J Campbell Jnr....Stephen Hogan

Bertram Rumfoord....Peter Marinker

English Officer....Michael Mears

Cinderella....Philip Fox

Paul Lazarro....Gunnar Cauthery

Soldiers....Orlando James, Michael Shelford

Music by 65 Days of Static

Directed by David Hunter.

Dramatisation of the celebrated anti-war novel by Kurt Vonnegut