Slaughterhouse 5

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0120100823 (BBC7)
20100824 (BBC7)
An innocent abroad, Billy Pilgrim stumbles into enemy hands.|Psychedelic, darkly humorous anti-war novel read by Robert Jezek.
0220100824 (BBC7)
20100825 (BBC7)
Billy Pilgrim is both a prisoner of war and an inadvertent time traveller.|Cult absurdist classic read by Robert Jezek.
0320100825 (BBC7)
20100826 (BBC7)
Anti-hero Billy Pilgrim starts to relish his life in a zoo on the planet Tralfamadore.|Read by Robert Jezek.
04 LAST20100826 (BBC7)
20100827 (BBC7)
Billy Pilgrim arrives in Dresden on the eve of its destruction by Allied bombing.|Concluded by Robert Jezek.
SP20100213Dramatisation by Dave Sheasby of the celebrated anti-war novel by Kurt Vonnegut.|Billy Pilgrim, who hops back and forth in time, relives various moments in his real and fantasy lives, as a prisoner of war, optometrist and time traveller.|Narrator....John Guerassio|Billy Pilgrim....Andrew Scott|Bernard V O'Hare....Nathan Osgood|Mary....Joanne Mcquinn|Montana....Annabelle Dowler|Barbara....Sarah Goldberg|Valencia....Madeleine Potter|Roland Weary....Simon Lee Philips|Mother....Liza Ross|Eliot Rosewater....Kerry Shale|Howard J Campbell Jnr....Stephen Hogan|Bertram Rumfoord....Peter Marinker|English Officer....Michael Mears|Cinderella....Philip Fox|Paul Lazarro....Gunnar Cauthery|Soldiers....Orlando James, Michael Shelford|Music by 65 Days of Static|Directed by David Hunter.|Dramatisation of the celebrated anti-war novel by Kurt Vonnegut