On the Greek island of Skios, guests of a celebrated foundation prepare for the yearly lecture, given by scientific guru Dr Norman Wilfred. He turns out to be surprisingly charismatic. In fact he's not Dr Wilfred but a handsome chancer called Oliver Fox who has allowed himself to be mis-identified.

Meanwhile sexy Georgie, awaiting Oliver, is trapped in a remote villa with the real Dr Wilfred; he has lost his luggage and himself.

In 'Skios', skilfully dramatised by Archie Scottney, an international cast delivers us to the outer limits of hilarity. Martin Jarvis says: 'A joy to direct. Much laughter in studio and on location as we recorded Michael Frayn's philosophic farce of pretension, delusion and mislaid identity.'

Dramatised by Archie Scottney

Sound design: Mark Holden and Wes Dewberry

Producer Rosalind Ayres

Director Martin Jarvis

A Jarvis and Ayres Production for BBC Radio 4.