The Sixth Column Has Better Legs



Madrid at the height of the Spanish Civil War is a city under siege and daily bombardment.

General Franco declares he has four columns of men outside the city and a fifth inside the city waiting to bring the infant democratic Spanish republic to its knees.

So how does the Madrid theatre world respond to this threat?


Gloria del Largo is determined that the fact that Madrid is under daily bombardment from Franco's fascists will not stop her working as a chorus girl on a new revue.

Her only problem is that she needs permission to open a theatre and is most unlikely to get it.


Gloria is determined to defeat fascism with fishnet tights and sequins.

But only Sergeant Jorge, a man with whom she is in danger of falling in love, can procure her the permit she needs to have her theatre reopened.


The theatre is on the verge of opening, but Lola's discovery of a traitor in their midst poses new problems for everyone.

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The theatre is open and the revue is a success, but Franco's troops are on the verge of taking Madrid and the prospects for Jorge and Gloria look very gloomy indeed.