Six Men And Four Minutes



50 years after the first sub-four-minute mile, Charlie Brooks tracks down the six athletes who ran in that momentous race.

At Iffley Road on the 6th May 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man to break the four minute mile.

His achievement was seen as a 'win for Great Britain' - giving a much needed lift to a country living under the strain of post-war austerity.

Charlie Brooks interviews Bannister and his two pacemakers, Chris Chataway and Chris Brasher (his last ever interview, recorded the week before his death) and considers whether the four minute mile was the spark that ignited their illustrious careers.

The programme also tracks down the other runners in the race - Tom Hulatt, George Dole and Alan Gordon, as well as Norris McWhirter, who made the track announcement at Iffley Road.