Six Impossible Things



This drama contains scenes of violence and is based on true events.

Peter Hardy doesn't fit the psychological profile of your average double murderer.

There's something vulnerable about him, or so thinks police psychologist Dr Kennedy as he makes his assessment after a particularly violent bank robbery.

Could it be that Hardy is a victim of 'mind control' and was acting under a hypnotic trance?

Dr Kennedy has a tough job to convince police colleagues.

Can a man really rob a bank and kill two people under hypnosis? As the evidence mounts to support this bizarre theory it becomes impossible to ignore.

This extraordinary story was inspired by true events that took place in Denmark in the 1950s and whilst this production is updated to the present day, the facts of the case are unchanged.

Peter Hardy - Simon Kane

Dr Kennedy - James Lailey

Bjorn Newbold - Phil Wright

DI Grimes - Madeleine Bowyer

DS Mulholland - Bill Nash

Auntie Elsie / Barbara Hardy - Esther Coles

Other parts were played by Rhona Foulis and Dominic Hawksley.

Written by Glen Neath.

Original research by Dominic Streatfeild.

Sound and music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques.

Director: Boz Temple-Morris

A Holy Mountain production for BBC Radio 4.

By Glen Neath.

Police suspect that a violent robber is a victim of mind control.