Sister, Dear Sister


Genome: [r4 Bd=19901203]

Written By: George Baker.

Music: Grant Hossack.

Emily: Valerie Sarruf

Margery: Angharad Rees

Albert Henshaw: Peter Baldwin

Mrs Watson: Barbara Atkinson

WPC Good: Caroline Gruber

John Griggs: Paul Sirr

Cecil Aston: Andrew Seear

Mr Watson: Frederick Treves

Morgue attendant/Waiter: Ken Cumberlidge

Mrs Brooks: Joanna MacKie

Roland: Simon Cuff

Doctor: Ian Thompson

Programme Catalogue - Details: 16 July 198819901203

First broadcast on 1988-07-16

Producer: J. MORGAN

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Saturday Night Theatre play by George Baker. Emily's life, shadowed by an

Emily is overshadowed by an attractive elder sister, but even at seventy eight years old she still hopes to find a pattern underlying the events of her life. Starring Valerie Sarruf, Angharad Rees and Peter BALDWIN.

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

16 Jul 1988 19:45-21:15 (RADIO 4)

18 Jul 1988 15:02-16:30 (RADIO 4)

03 Dec 1990 15:02-16:30 (RADIO 4)


Frederick Treves (Actor)

Simon Cuff (Actor)

Peter Baldwin (Actor)

Caroline Gruber (Actor)

Ian Thompson (Actor)

Joanna Mackie (Actor)

Ken Cumberlidge (Actor)

Angharad Rees (Actor)

Barbara Atkinson (Actor)

Paul Sirr (Actor)

Andrew Seear (Actor)

Valerie Sarruf (Actor)

Andrew Seer (Actor)

John Livesey (ann)

George Baker (Author)

Lennie Bush (bass)

Grant Hossack (Composer)

Pete Hughes (mus)

Stan Bourke (perc)

Jane Morgan (Producer)

Robin Williams (vln)

Recorded on 1988-04-28.


By: George Baker

Starring: Valerie Sarruf/Angharad Rees.