Sir Ralph Stanza's Letter From Salford

Comedy series featuring the audio diaries of hip London poet Sir Ralph Stanza, who is offered a residence in Salford, Greater Manchester, to communicate the people's hopes and aspirations through his verse.


0101The Verse Was Yet To Come2002051520130820 (BBC7)

The new poet-in-residence heads to the north-west to gain inspiration from the locals.

0102Chips Off An Angry Block2002052220130827 (BBC7)

The new poet-in-residence is determined to track down his muse, whichever chippy she works in.

0103The Best Page Is A Rampage2002052920130903 (BBC7)

The new poet-in-residence has a run-in with 'the man', which gets his creative juices flowing.

0104 LASTRecital Statistics2002060520130910 (BBC7)

The poet-in-residence's mission to bring quiche to the Quays comes to its artistic climax.

0201At The Neighbourhood Clinic20030430

The return of Sir Ralph, poet in residence for Salford, as he wanders the streets of Ordsall and Weaste, in his silk scarf and panama, seamlessly blending in with the natives. With Judy Flynn, Alison Darling, Neil Bell, Jemma Thompson, and Tony Melody.

0201Treating An Acute Elegy20150424 (BBC7)

Can the poet-at-large bring the healing power of poetry to a medical centre in Salford? Stars James Quinn. From April 2004.

0202The Garage20030507

With Stephen Hoyle, Mark Chatterton, Neil Bell and Jemma Thompson.

0202Trouble Under The Sonnet20150501 (BBC7)

The poet runs classes in a garage in his mission to bring lyricism to the land of Lowry. Stars James Quinn, Stephen Hoyle, Mark Chatterton and Jemma Thompson. From May 2003.


This week, romance is in the air. Our bard is based at a superstore and the volunteer trainee poet is the security guard, Rod. Sir Ralph sets out to use poetry to pep up Rod's love life. With James Quinn, Neil Bell, Alison Darling, Tony Melody and Jemma Thompson.

0203Security Bard20150508 (BBC7)

Romance is in the air for a security guard at a superstore. With James Quinn, Neil Bell, Jemma Thompson.

0204A View From The Stanza2003052120040811
20150515 (BBC7)

Ralphie advises his student Bob that comedy is the 'foot and mouth' of poetry. By James Quinn with Tony Melody. From May 2003.

Sir Ralph bases himself at a local football club.

With James Quinne, Tony Melody, Alison Darling, Neil Bell, and Mark Chatterton.

Notes for the repeat: As a curtain raiser to The Jail Diaries of Sir Ralph Stanza which starts next week, another chance to hear one of the highlights of the last series when Stanza was Poet in Residence for Salford Greater Manchester.

The episode sees the awful poet based at a local football club, and features a guest star appearance by veteran radio star Tony Melody (Mr.

Higginbottom in The Clitheroe Kid).

0205A Few Bevvies2003052820150522 (BBC7)

Can the poet-in-residence bring the healing power of poetry to Salford social club? Stars James Quinn. From May 2003.

0205Lower Braughton Social Club20030528

This week Sir Ralph bases his poetry workshop at a Salford social club. With James Quinne, Tony Melody, Alison Darling, Neil Bell, and Mark Chatterton

0206 LASTThis Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us20030604

The culmination of Stanza's latest project, and he comes close to getting on the South Bank Show at last.

But there's another celebrity poet in town...

With Alison Darling, Mark Chatterton, Jemma Thompson, Judy Flynn and Stephen Hoyle, plus special guest star Carol Ann Duffy.