Sue Teddern's story of the developing friendship between two single parents who correspond via a parenting advice website.


01You Are Not Alone20091102

When a nervous Tom logs on to a website for lone parents for the first time, he finds new friends and an impatient response from the formidable Rosie.

02Getting Back On The Horse *20091103

Rosie has an interview for promotion and Tom has his first date for years.

Who is the most nervous of the two?

03Coming Clean *20091104

The honesty game backfires on Tom.

Is this the end of a short but beautiful friendship with Rosie?

04The Other Man *20091105

Rosie has a new boyfriend but still seeks Tom's advice.

05 LASTWe Can't Go On Meeting Like This20091106

Tom has a conference in Manchester - is this a chance to meet Rosie in the flesh?