Single Files

Sitcom by Mark Trotman and Chris Tisdall, set in a dating agency.

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The overbearing Mrs Bywater visits Single Files to find her henpecked son Lennie a date, painfully shy Pam gets taken for a spin, and bitter client Bridget tries her hand at dating for the first time in 10 years.
With Jo Joyner, Sarah Hadland, Vilma Hollingbery, Giles New, Anna Bengo, Julia Deakin, Ben Onwukwe, Peter Marinker, Lizzie Roper, Bruce MacKinnon, Rachel Atkins, Dominic Coleman, Kate Terence and Mark Trotman.


Extreme life coach Douggie agrees to train painfully shy Pam using a radical approach. Fatigued client Max reluctantly agrees to subject himself to more of Helen's suitability tests. Larry treats his date to a sweet gift.
Katie/Beverley....Jo Joyner
Sarah/Cecelia....Sarah Hadland
Pam....Julia Deakin
Jeff....Mark Heap
Douggie/Max....Giles New

Also starring Dominic Coleman, Bruce MacKinnon, Lizzie Roper, Peter Marinker, Ben Onwukwe, Rachel Atkins, Kate Terence, Anna Bengo, Mark Trotman and Chris Tisdall.


The elderly and deluded Dave asks for help with unexpected consequences, frustrated couple Jeff and Sandy use the agency to explore their fantasies, and Robert discovers an unexpected side to the formidable Lucy.
Katie/Beverley....Jo Joyner
Sarah....Sarah Hadland
Jeff....Mark Heap
Dave/Charles....Peter Marinker
Milenka/Lucy....Lizzie Roper
Also starring Dominic Coleman, Bruce MacKinnon, Giles New, Ben Onwukwe, Rachel Atkins, Kate Terence, Anna Bengo, Imogen Bailey, Mark Trotman and Chris Tisdall.

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The infuriatingly picky Steve meets his match, but is she the right one? A desperate Robert continues to try and deny Lucy and her vice-like grip, and Jeff and Sandy allow their dating role play to spill over a little bit too much into their real lives.