The Singer Behind The Glasses - The Story Of Nana Mouskouri

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Michael Aspel tells the story of how a poor, shy, bespectacled Greek girl became one of the most successful female singers of all time.

During her 50 year career, Nana has achieved worldwide sales of more than 300 million records in 15 different languages, leaving Madonna and Celine Dion trailing behind her.

She is a heroine in her native Greece, and loved throughout the world.

Her charmingly elaborate, shyly delivered introductions to her songs are as distinctive as her trademark glasses.

Nana has sung on all the great stages of the world, becoming a favourite of presidents, prime ministers, and royalty.

Her fans adore her.

But her success has not come without a price.

Her attempt to balance her professional and domestic life, and later a political career as well, created tensions and unhappiness and threatened her most precious possession - her voice.

Nana reflects on the struggles and triumphs of her career, and we hear from many of stars of the music world who played significant roles in her life and career, including Michel Legrand, Harry Belafonte, Charles Aznavour and Quincy Jones.


Nana changes her image, hits the big time but buckles under the pressure.

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Michael Aspel continues the story of the shy, bespectacled Greek girl who became one of the most successful female singers of all time.

In the final episode, Nana Mouskouri fights to get her career back on track, enters politics and embarks on a two-year long farewell tour.

Contributors in this series include Michel Legrand, Harry Belafonte, Charles Aznavour, Quincy Jones and Nana Mouskouri herself.

Michael Aspel tells the story of the bestselling singer from Greece.